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a stairway invention

a stairway invention

It's the architectural expression of «the ways of the vagabond».

Project description:
If half turn stairs or quarter turn stairs – whatever – they connect floors and usually turn always the same way, always right turn or always left turn. Here the idea is to keep the stairs turning in the same way – except for one turn between two floors. This one turn goes in the opposite direction. So let's consider an internal stairway close to the wall – here the exceptional turn goes through the wall on the external side of the building. From outside it looks like a balcony with stairs on it, in the middle of an empty wall. On the way up or down the stairs – it becomes a special moment of discovering what's on the other side of the wall. The distance to walk is exactly the same like in the usual turn – just not so repetitive. It's unique and playful. It's an architectural expression of what here is called "the ways of the vagabond", describing what is happening on the way through the creative process of the projects in this portfolio.